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Welcome to Advantage mailer, we help you build, monitor and grow your online email campaigns, not just an email sending service, we're here to offer you our experience and expertise to make sure you get the most from your email newsletters.

We're more than a 'set and forget' service, we proactively work with you to help you maximise the effectiveness of your email campaigns to ensure the right message gets through to the right person. For more information on how we can help you, contact us, or sign up for a free trial.

Email marketing - as easy as 1-2-3

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Free email newsletter templates 1. Signup, choose a template, or speak to our design team for your
    personalised email marketing newsletter design.
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Easily manage your email contacts 2. Manage or upload your email database, select the users you want
    to send to, use our simple tools to add a signup form to your website.
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Track and monitor your email campaigns 3. Monitor, measure, track ROI and refine - Use our powerful online
    reports and tools to find out how effective your email marketing is.
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Our UK based service is a fully hosted online email marketing and email newsletter software system that comes with free custom template's or choose from our online library, ongoing support and dozens of unique features to help you get the most of your email newsletters. Read about our features.

For enterprise or advanced users, we offer a send only, or design only service, where any part of our system can be used for your email newsletters. For more information, please contact us.

Advantage mailer operate a strict opt-in email policy, we never send out unsolicited emails, and choose to work only with companies that share our vision, for more information, please read our anti-spam policy.

Email marketing gives a great benefit over more traditional forms of marketing, it yields better returns on investment and customer engagement, is easier to measure and monitor, you can send out more targetted email newsletters and create more personalised marketing emails

Email marketing software

Email marketing software from advantage mailer is a fully permission-based email system with advanced features like double unsubscribe, ensuring that you dont send out unwanted marketing emails. Our email marketing software is secure, reliable, quick and easy to use, and offers a fantastic, measurable ROI, you can measure goal tracking, allowing you to see a monetary value for your email marketing return-on-investment.

Our email marketing software is available online 24x7, there's no software to install, our comprehensive email marketing system gets you up and running in minutes, and for advanced users, there are plenty of features to ensure complete control over your email marketing.

Our email newsletter software is fullly template driven, we can provide html email newsletter templates, we have our own email newsletter template designer where you can create your own marketing email newsletter templates by drag and drop, plus we can design and create a persionalised newsletter template just for you - all tested to work with Hotmail, googlemail, outlook and more.