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What is Advantage Mailer?

Advantage mailer is an online service that makes designing and sending email newsletters simple, using our online tools, you can create, send and track email campaigns quickly and easily.

We provide tools to help you manage your email lists, and attract new subscribers, with online forms to embed in your website or blog, online shops can even use our tracking codes to show ROI.

Our unique service includes:

  • Access to dozens of free email marketing templates to get you started quickly.
  • A dedicated design team to create a template just for you.
  • A WYSIWYG editor to visually build your email campaign.
  • List manager to organise your members.
  • Help and support to get you going and help you improve.
  • A reliable delivery system.

HTML email newsletters are an increasingly popular way of keeping in touch with your audience, and our simple pricing structure means you only pay for the number of emails you send. Powerful reports and ROI trackers mean you know how successful your emails are.


We can provide access to dozens of templates that can be modified by you, or design a personalised email, for more information, please emails us.

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