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Email Marketing Anti-Spam Policy

‘Spam’ is unsolicited email also known as junk mail or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email.), it is email that you didn’t want, or ask to receive, regardless of whether or not the sender of the email thinks it may be useful.

We operate a strict anti-spam policy, and do not tolerate sending spam in any way, this helps us achieve higher delivery rates and better trust amongst your recipients.

Advantage mailer users may:
Send out emails emails to recipients who have opted to receive emails.

Advantage mailer users must:
Provide a link to unsubscribe on all emails, and provide details of the sender of the email. An unsubscribe link is automatically added to each email that is sent by Advantage mailer.

Advantage mailer users must not:
Send emails to email addresses who have not subscribed to your list.
We do not allow the use of purchsed lists, or lists of harvested email addresses.
We do not allow users to sell their lists or forward them to other companies.

We provide tools to help users to subscribe to your newsletter, these include online forms and widgets to embed in your website or blog.

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We operate a zero tolerance policy on spam, and will act to remove users who do not repect this.
If you believe you have received an unsolicited email from advantage mailer and have been unable to unsubscribe, please forward it to
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Tips for reducing spam

  • Use a spam filter
    Most online email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo have built in spam filters, aditionally, programs such as Microsoft Outlook have build in spam filters, actions such as right-clicking an email within Microsoft Outlook allows you to categorise an email as spam, ensuring you don’t see any more emails from that address.
    For greater security, anti-virus programs have additional spam and anti-virus filters which may be useful.
  • Don’t reply to or click to unsubscribe to emails if you don’t know the sender
    Spammers often send out millions of emails without knowing if the addresses are valid, by clicking on links to unsubscribe to these emails, you are verifying your email address to the spammer, who can use your address for future mailings.
  • Check website privacy policy’s
    When filling in forms online, or shopping online, read a websites privacy policy before opting into marketing emails, some companies may sell your email address to other companies.


For more information, please see:
UK Information Commissioners Office   Opens in a new window

Wikipedia definition of Spam   Opens in a new window