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Automatic links

By adding special tags to your email newsletter templates, you can get advantage mailer to automatically add special personalised links to your emails, including:

  • Unsubscribe
    You can create a special personalised link should a member want to unsubscribe. The link is personalised to each member and will take the to a page with their details already populated, all the member needs to do is then simply click to confirm their request.

  • View online
    You can create a special personalised view online link, which will take the member to an online version of your email newsletter, together with any of their personal details included, such as name, email address and any content that has been selected specially for them. This is ideal for members who are not able to view emails containing images in their email software.

  • Forward to a friend
    You can create a special personalised forward to a friend link so that users can then send a copy of your newsletter to their friends, they can also add their own message to the email that gets forwarded.

  • Address book
    You can include a link to a web page with tips to help your members add your email address to their address book.

If you do not add your own unsubscribe link to your emails, advantage mailer will add one for you. For more information on the tags required to insert these special links, please refer to our template HTML guide.

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