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Bulk uploading

Our online tools make it easy for you to upload your email contacts database into advantage mailer, you can choose to upload email addresses in a number of ways:

  • Directly upload your list of email addresses
    You can directly upload your list of email addresses into advantage mailer by copy and pasting email addresses into a text box, this method is ideal for quickly uploading short lists of email addresses.

  • Upload a spreadsheet of email addresses
    You can directly a spreadsheet of your members into advantage mailer. As well as uploading email addresses, you can also upload your members names and other information you have for them, which can be used to personalise each email you send out. Advantage mailer helps you map your spreadsheet to it's own database to ensure your data is uploaded correctly. Advantage mailer supports the following file type:

    CSV files (Comma Separated Values) - a simple text based file with 1 entry per line of your file. Individual columns of data are separated by a comma (or other special character), e.g. a line in a CSV file may look like:,John,Doe

    An Excel spreadsheet file - You can upload an XLS or XLSX file into advantage mailer containing your email addresses. Once uploaded, you will be able to choose the worksheet containing your email addresses, and map the columns in your spreadsheet against the fields in advantage mailer, allowing you to upload data to personalise your recipients emails.

  • Send us your file!
    If you're not sure how to upload your email addresses into advantage mailer, simply email your files to us and we can upload them for you.

We take your privacy very seriously and do NOT use, distribute or sell ANY email addresses you upload into advantage mailer. YOU maintain complete ownership of all of your data.

Advantage mailer also contains a download feature allowing you to download a complete mailing list at any time.

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