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Create a new email campaign from Microsoft Office

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Create a new email campaign from Microsoft Office

Advantage mailer allows you to create email newsletters directly from within your favourite Office software, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and so on, without having to download, buy or install any additional software or software plug ins.

Each mailing list you create in advantage mailer has a special email address created, when you write your letter or create your document in Office, you can choose to send the document as an attachment to your special email address. Advantage mailer then collects your document, if required, converts it to a PDF, then sends you a sample of your email newsletter that will then get sent.

The email newsletter that gets sent can also contain any message you specify, you can also choose to automatically add your logo and colouring to the email. Once you've approved the email newsletter, you can simply confirm and send the newsletter without having to log onto the advantage mailer website.

To ensure that the system doesn't get abused, you can also specify that emails only get sent from your email address.

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