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Full bounce management

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Full bounce management

Advantage mailer features complete bounce management to help you maintain clean mailing lists. Email bounces are notifications received to say that your members can't receive your email newsletters. Advantage mailer categorises email bounces in 3 ways:

  • Hard bounces
    Hard bounces occur when an email is sent to an email account that is not valid, this can be because the user has entered their email address incorrectly, closed their email account, or an error has occurred with their internet service provider.
    Most had bounces should be removed from your mailing lists.
    In order to minimise errors where members enter their addresses incorrectly, you should ask members to verify their email addresses when they subscribe to your mailing lists.

  • Soft bounces
    Soft bounces occur when an email address is correct, but the member cannot receive your email, this is usually down to reason such as 'this member's inbox is full, please try again later' and so on.
    Soft bounces can usually be ignored, unless the error happens again and again.

  • Notifications
    Occasionally, some members email accounts will send out automatic notifications, such as 'this email has been read', 'this user is away from their desk'' and so on. These notifications are ignored, as email tracking is handled independently in advantage mailer.

  • Error tracking
    Very occasionally, an error is encountered when trying to send an email, this is usually down to incorrectly formatter email addresses, e.g. 'someone@mydomain\com' instead of '', or the members internet service provider failing. You can view a report of errors and determine how to handle each error individually..

Full bounce reports are available in advantage mailer, and you can view and amend bounced emails, update incorrect members email addresses or remove the members from your mailing lists.

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