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Invite new members

Advantage mailer has a number of options for inviting new members to your mailing lists. As well as signup forms, you can get new members to subscribe using the following additional methods:

  • Subscription email address
    Each mailing list has an email address that allows new members to quickly and easily subscribe and unsubscribe. Ask your prospective new members to send an email to your designated subscription email address, and advantage mailer will automatically add them to your chosen mailing list. If you've chosen to verify new members before they join your email newsletter mailing list, then a verification email will get sent to them first asking them to confirm their membership.
    You can choose your own subscription email address, e.g., or use our service, e.g.

  • New member invitations
    If you have a list of prospective email addresses that you feel would like to receive your email newsletters, you can use advantage mailer to send them an email invitation asking them to sign up. Their personalised email contains instructions informing your prospective new members to sign up. Even though you may have your list of email addresses, we do not advise simply uploading them into advantage mailer without the individuals permission.. If you have your email address owners permission, you can simply add their address to your mailing lists, if not you can use advantage mailer to send them an invitation to join your emailing list.

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