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New member verification

Ensuring that your members email addresses are genuine is vital in successful email marketing, spammers often try to manipulate email systems to get their message through to you, or new members may incorrectly enter their email address, meaning that they don't get the emails they want. Advantage mailer offers a number of checks to ensure your mailing lists are as accurate as possible:

  • 'CAPTCHA' images on subscription forms
    An image based 'captcha' system can be added to your signup form to ensure that only real people subscribe to your mailing lists.

  • Verify new members
    For added security new members can be asked to verify their email address. When a new member subscribes, before being added to your mailing list, they are send an email to their registered email address. Only by receiving their verification email and clicking a link in the email can their registration be completed, eliminating the possibility of new members entering incorrect email addresses or email addresses they do not have access to.

  • Verify existing members
    From time to time, you can send out a system generated email to all members in your emailing lists asking them to verify their email address and confirm that they still want to receive your email newsletters. Sending out these emails every so often (every 6 months or so) helps you maintain a fresh list that you know is interested. Verification emails can be sent out to all members on your mailing lists, or only members that have not recently read or opened one of your emails.

  • Automatically check your existing members email addresses
    Advantage mailer can periodically check and verify the email addresses in your mailing lists WITHOUT actually sending them an email. The system log's onto their email account and performs basic checks to make sure that the email address is still in use and can accept emails.

Keeping your emailing newsletter mailing lists fresh and up-to-date will ensure that you only send out targeted emails to those users who genuinely want to receive your emails, helping you achieve a achieve a higher open and read rate and ultimately a more successful email newsletter campaign.

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