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Open, read and click through tracking

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Open, read and click through tracking

Advantage mailer features full tracking and monitoring so you can see how successful your email newsletters are. We monitor a number of items:

  • Open / read
    You can see how many people have opened and read your emails. See how we track emails.

  • Links clicked
    You can see which links on your emails your members have clicked on.

  • Unsubscribe's
    You can see who has un subscribed from your mailing lists, and if they've given a reason for un subscribing.

  • Forward to a friend
    You can see who has forwarded your email onto their friends.

  • Bounces and errors
    You can see which email addresses have bounced back and which have generated any errors, you can then choose whether you want these email addresses to continue receiving your emails.

Reports can be viewed by email campaign, or you can choose to compare two or more campaigns to see how effective your campaigns are.

Reports in advantage mailer are generated in real time, meaning that all information is always completely up-to-date.

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