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Re-verify existing members

It is important to keep your mailing lists up to date. Old or out of date email addresses will mean you sending out emails that will never get read, and result in poorer open and read rates for your email newsletters. Advantage mailer offers a number of features to help you maintain your mailing lists.

  • Verify your members email addresses
    Your mailing list members can change their email address, close their email accounts, move jobs and get a new email address and more. If a member closes their email address, then you will see errors when you continue to email them. Ensuring that email addresses are valid and up to date can be done automatically within advantage mailer. On a period basis, our systems can log onto their email account and verify that the address sill exists WITHOUT actually sending them an email, you can then choose to manually or automatically remove old or invalid email addresses from your mailing lists.

  • Ask your members to verify their email address
    You can send out an email survey asking your members to verify that they are still interested in receiving your email newsletters, and only members who click back and confirm that they are interested in continuing to receive your email newsletters will continue to do so.

  • Automatic removal of members who do not read your email newsletters
    All member activity in advantage mailer is tracked, from emails being opened and read, to links within your emails being clicked on. You can view a list of 'inactive' members - that is members who have not opened, read or clicked on one of your emails for six months - or any period you specify - or more and choose to automatically remove them from your mailing lists, or email them to verify that they are still interested given their lack of activity.

We recommend that you verify your members at least every six months to ensure that they are still active.

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