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Signup widgets

Advantage mailer contains a number of simple widgets to help you integrate your email marketing onto your own website, blog, shopping basket and so on. These include:

  • Quick signup form
    A javascript that puts a single form item onto your website, allowing potential new members to subscribe to any of your mailing lists by simply entering their email address. The quick signup form is compact and can be added anywhere on your web pages.

  • Comprehensive signup form
    A javascript that puts a link to a more comprehensive signup form onto your website. potential new members can click this link to be redirected to a new form where you can capture not only their email address, but also name and more optional information such as age, gender and so on. The signup form can be customised with your own logo, colours and styling.

  • Signup email address
    You can create a special email address for your mailing lists to help new members subscribe. By asking potential new members to simply send an email to your signup emil address, their name and email address can be automatically captured and added to your mailing list.

  • Goal tracking
    If your email newsletter campaigns are linked to ecommerce website's or other web pages where you want to measure your customer activity, you can install our tracking script onto your website's final page, allowing you to track and monitor the success of your email campaigns. The tracking script also allows you to add ROI information so you can see how profitable each email campaign is. Read more about email tracking.

All widgets are installed using javascript. Complete scripts and instructions are available to help you incorporate the widgets onto your web pages.

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