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Spam checker

Advantage mailer features a powerful, industry standard built in anti=spam checker. Before sending out any email newsletter campaign, you have the option to check your newsletter against the spam filter to see whether or not it is likely to get caught in spam filters or land in your members in boxes. You can view a report and simple tips as to how to improve the quality of your email to help it land in your members in boxes, including:

  • Flagging up potentially problematic subject lines - certain words within your subject line can cause your email to get flagged as spam.

  • Making sure there is enough text on the email - if your email contains mostly images an not a lot of text, then spam filters will not be able to fully gauge whether or not the email is spam, if a spam filter can't be sure, then it is more likely to flag the email as spam. Remember, spam filters cannot read any text that you have included as part of your images, so this won't help.

  • Making sure your email contains quality text - the text on your email is used to determine whether or not your email is spam.

Please note that this is only a guide to spam and is not definitive, there are hundreds of different spam rules that can trap your emails, you should try to familiarise yourself with various spam traps to help you send more effective email newsletters.

Also, you should remember to encourage your members to add your email address to their address books, as this will in a lot of cases help the email to bypass any spam filters. Other items that help are by adding your contact details, view online and unsubscribe links to your emails, which can be done automatically.

Note: While every effort is made to ensure your emails are delivered fully, there is no guarantee that some won;t get flagged as spam, as each members internet service provider employs different rules and software in determining what is and isn't spam.

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