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Email marketing

Split testing

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Split testing

When creating new email campaigns, you can choose to create a split test to help judge the effectiveness of certain parts of your email newsletters, this can include:

  • Subject line
    An emails subject line can determine whether or not your email will get opened and read, certain phrases are more (or less) appealing to your recipients who choose not to open emails whose subject line contains a strong sales phrase or other wording. You can choose to split your email newsletter campaigns to test the effectiveness of 2 email subject lines side-by-side.

  • The email template
    The email design can have a great effect on whether or not your emails will get opened, read and clicked, some readers will be more reluctant to open emails that contain only images or small amounts of text. You can create a split test by sending 2 email templates side by side to judge how effective your design is.

When creating a split test campaign, you can choose either method to test your emails, when sending your emails, advantage mailer will randomly pick an equal number of recipients for each split, after your email newsletter has been sent, you can view your campaign statistics to see which test has been the most successful.

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