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Unlimited mailing lists and members

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Unlimited mailing lists and members

Advantage mailer organises your email addresses ("members") into different mailing lists, allowing you to segment your data. You can create and maintain as many mailing lists as you need, each mailing list can contain as many members as you have.

Each individual mailing list can have it's own properties and be managed in different ways, when sending out your email newsletter campaigns, you can choose which mailing lists to send your emails to. Duplicate email addresses that may appear on more than one mailing list are automatically cleaned before your emails are sent out, ensuring that your recipients don't receive multiple copies of your emails. Also, if a member decides to unsubscribe from one mailing list, they can be removed from all of your other mailing lists, ensuring that they don't continue to receive emails.

Each mailing list can have it's own unique 'from' email address and logo, allowing you to give your recipients the impression that their email has come from one of your own email addresses. Any subscribe, unsubscribe or other page your members may see on advantage mailer can contain your own logo and branding to give your members the impression they are using your system.

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