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As well as using and creating your own newsletter templates, advantage mailer also allows you to automatically load any web page to send as your email newsletter. This is ideal for those who want to quickly send out data that may already be on their website's.
Many web pages are complex, data driven pages, where process, products or other information is fed in from a live database or computer system, in order to save the time and potential errors associated with entering this information twice into 2 different systems, advantage mailer can simply download the web page for you, along with any style sheet and other images that are on your web page.

Additionally, you can also restrict the part of the web page that is included into your email newsletter by asking your web page designer to add special 'start' and 'end' tags into your web page. When downloading your web page, advantage mailer then looks for these special tags and strips out any unwanted part of the page.

You should remember that when sending out web pages as email newsletters, any javascript, Adobe Flash or other interactive element on the page will be work on the final email.

Important: Before sending out any newsletter, you should ensure that you have full permission to use the content you are sending. Advantage mailer does not accept any responsibility or liability for the content on your newsletters.

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