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Email newsletter templates

Templates are the foundation of your email newsletter campaigns, good templates help to keep the look and feel of your email campaigns consistent whilst ensuring that sending your emails is as simple as possible.

Advantage mailer has a number of options to help you manage your templates, whether choosing to start with a blank email and composing your emails yourself, using our drag and drop template builder or starting with a free template, or deigning your own template and importing it into Advantage mailer, we have you covered.

Plus, don't forget many of our plans include a free custom designed template!

Template builder

Drag and drop templates Use our simple drag and drop template builder to create your own custom email template. Drag and drop your header styles, upload a logo and choose your font and colours to create your ideal email template.
Once created, templates can be edited as many times as you want before sending your newsletters.
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Free email templates

Free templates We've created 100's of free email templates ready to use and send today, click and see the samples and send yourself a test to see what it looks like. All of our samples are easy to edit, you can change any text and images. View the templates >>

Upload your own templates

Upload your own templates Create your template exactly how you want it. If you are experienced in designing html documents, you can create your own template and upload it into Advantage mailer, we host all of the images and documents on your template to make sure it displays correctly. Template tips >>